Thursday, November 27, 2008

Signing off

O my God! Two months since I have posted.  November through Holy Week are such rear-end kickers at work and at home -- work for obvious reasons and home because I want to make things special. The two don't mix so well.  After yesterday I could do without holidays for a while. Sure the skunking at yesterday's feast has something to do with it. Seriously, from out of nowhere came a skunk (probably rabid) and he tried to breed one of the dogs and got his face in through the kitchen door.  And we thought the biggest problem would be a late turkey.

Don't look for much more here. Facebook is where it's at and it takes a lot less of my time to post pictures and updates there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am going to copy the ladies over at and make my Hanna wish-list for Patrick. I have actually bought him several cute things lately both from the real shop and on e-bay. He will need more as nothing from last winter still fits. I do think now that he's 2 and his growth has really, really slowed down that he will fit into these things again next year. Size 80 in pants. 80 or 90 in shirts. Seven in shoes.

First Riding Lesson

Yes, they make paddock boots, helmets, and breeches for toddlers. The way this works is one person leads the pony around while the other has hands ready to catch a slipping tot. Patrick really didn't require much assistance, though. He has another lesson this weekend. His pony is Jolie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When is doubt....

When your child wakes up in the wee hours making a reverse croup sound on air intake and you are bleary-eyed not sure what the hell is going on, call 911. That was our morning and he needed an immediate dose of prednisone. So much better now. It is croup. I had heard the croup cough before but never the sound of breathing distress. I ahve never dialed 911 but so glad I did.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We are a racist nation.

Look at what far too many white Americans believe about African-Americans. We ought to be ashamed. We need to repent.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I got tagged by Jess G. I a virgin meme writer so go easy on me.


1. Fall breezes through open windows (my house smells so clean right now)

2. homemade totally-from-scratch and a so fresh flour tortillas

3. Patrick holding his hands up above his head and saying "Yay!" with delight


1. flying. hate it. tubes of death.

2. mice, gerbils, rats, hamsters aren't even up there on my list

3. that the reps will win. "Oh Canada, our home and native land." or "God save the Queen."


1. keeping my kitchen sink clean and white

2. Royal Stafford china in blue or brown with the choaching scene

3. nails and toes - got to be done up

Surprising Facts

1. I once slept in the grounds of La Alhambra

2. I have two webbed toes on one foot. Patrick has the same set on both feet.

3. I was once a size 2 petite

I don't really have anyone to tag. So sad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, so after reading a Wash. Post article today, it seems both candidates would cut taxes for those making under about $230k or so. The difference is McCain would also cut for high end earners whereas Obama would tax them. How else are we going to pay for comprehensive insurance, this endless war, educational programs, and our mounting national debt? And I say this as one who is in a higher tax bracket. Taxes can serve a good purpose and I don't trust people to share their money through private endeavors. I've seen firsthand how that works.

Again, thanks to Sara K. for sending her readers that way.